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"Hey! Yesss, they been so handy with her constantly popping her paci out and she's getting a hang of putting it in her mouth herself"

"Very nice quality! I will give to one of the moms, I need to pick a new winner because someone is in another state"

"I love your super easy to wash product, my girl loves it, everything enters her mouth, if you want i can send you photos, I hope you liked the post and that you have many successes."

"Had the pleasure of supporting a small business from a really great friend Bessie Lee-Cappell Baby Bottle Brush Bib When I say these products are everything from the colors to the design and the detail. I'm so excited to give these gifts to my friend for the baby. If you haven't gotten your box yet here's what to expect and it was created with love Thank you so much Bess"