Elephant Suspender Clips


The Elephant Teether Clip is a nicer and softer solution for teething babies who nibble on their Suspender clips. No more rusty looking clips,
And no more bite mark/ chipped up Suspender clip! Let baby wear his/her pacifier clip with Style!!

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Are Teething Toys Safe, and are They Important?


If your babies start to crawl, then it is the onset of teething. This is a very important phase in your child’s growth, and you will find them chewing everything they can get hold of. It may be time for Elephant Suspender Clips for Baby. These clips are the softer solution for teething babies who nibble on their Suspender clips.



When to Introduce Teething Toys?

Most parents are confused about when to give their baby teething toys. It has been seen that most babies start teething around 4-6 months. It is an appropriate time for them to start using some teething toys.


What Teething Toys to Consider?

Teething toys are believed to alleviate some pain when your baby is teething; these teething toys are safe for chewing. Chewing toys are made of different kind of materials such as rubber, silicone, plastic or wood. They also came in various shapes, sizes and colours. Try to go with a round teether as they are easy for the baby to grip.


They are Easy to Clean

As a parent, you need to take good care of teething toys, create a routine to clean and sanitize teething toys regularly. Especially during this phase when the entire world is under the pandemic grip (COVID 19). Taking proper care curbs the spread of germs and reduces chances of infection in babies.


It is Fashionable

Nowadays, teething toys are available in attractive colours, patterns, shapes and sizes. Gone are days of conventional teethers that looked boring. Now they are considered as fashionable stuff for babies. If you are looking to buy quality Online Elephant Suspender Clips, you can check the following link for more information.


They are Safe

Elephant Suspender Clips for Baby are of unmatched safety. They are made from non-toxic silicone, ensuring complete protection. These toys are completely hygienic, BPA free and FDA Approved.

The Pacifier Teether Strap Is Not Included in this Order, Must Order Strap separately or In Bundle Package

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