Peeyo the Pillow


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Peeyo The Pillow wants to be a friend to all children. His goal
Is to continue to inspire children to remain positive, focused, and to Dream it Possible.

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During tough times and stressful situations, it can feel as if our worlds have been turned upside down. Your children look to you for guidance and comfort — so this is a great chance to show them that, even in times of unease, your family is in this together no matter what. As parents, we understand that being kind, patient, and understanding in uncertain times helps create a calmer family environment and builds children’s sense of security.

As a child, comfort is needed. How often as child did you grab and embrace your pillow or stuff animal when sad? How many characters can you recall sending positive messages to children about believing in themselves and staying positive? Well, this is why Peeyo the Pillow was created. He wants to be a positive comforting friend to all children. Peeyo is a YouTube character who inspires all children to remain positive in scary or uncomfortable real life situations. Peeyo is uniquely made with 2 secret pockets

Inside. We all know how children live hiding items And keeping secrets! One pocket is shaped like a tooth to hold teeth for the tooth fairy. No more searching all over the bed and floor for that missing tooth. The other pocket is called sweet dreams. This pocket is for something special – a letter to Santa, a letter to mom or

Dad, a special photo, saving money, wish list and more. This plushy is a perfect gift for all children. His wiggly arms is ready to give a special child a big hug!


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